Episodes / Ep. 385 - Photobooks of 2023

385. Photobooks of 2023


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Here is the list of the photobooks of 2023 that I found to be above average with some gripes about awards, etc.

Episode 385:

The huge list of great books produced in 2023 with some bitchy notes about the continual lack of integrity with certain awards. It is a long one and I hope you enjoy it. Though I got most of the great books produced this year, I did not get all due to the aging process first and probably not seeing the books second. Big books like Ed Templeton’s Wires crossed and Trent Parke’s Monument were not books that I had in hand and thus could not include them in the list properly. I have a rule about having to have spent time with the books in order to include them.

In any event, enjoy. or don’t.

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