Episodes (84)

  • Episode 84

    Mark Steinmetz

    Mark Steinmetz is an American artist noted for his contribution to the photobook medium
  • Episode 83

    Matteo Di Giovanni

    Matteo Di Giovanni is an Italian Artist.
  • Episode 82

    Lara Maiklem

    Lara Maiklem is a writer and mudlarker.
  • Episode 81

    Nelson Morales

    Nelson Morales is a Mexican artist working with the Muxe community in Oaxaca.
  • Episode 80

    Rein Jelle Terpstra

    Rein Jelle Terpstra is an artist and filmmaker based in the Netherlands.
  • Episode 79

    Chris Shaw

    Chris Shaw is a British artist working in Paris.
  • Episode 78

    Katrin Koenning

    Katrin Koenning is a German Artist working in Australia
  • Episode 77

    André Príncipe

    André Príncipe is an artist, filmmaker and book publisher based in Portugal.
  • Episode 76

    Nicolas Polli

    Nicolas Polli is a Swiss artist and designer.
  • Episode 75

    Penelope Umbrico

    Penelope Umbrico is an American artist working with photography, appropriation and technology.
  • Episode 74

    Estelle Hanania

    Estelle Hanania Is a French artist working in film and photography
  • Episode 73

    Andreas H. Bitesnich

    Andreas H. Bitesnich is an artist and photobook collector based in Austria.
  • Episode 72

    Christine Osinski

    Christine is an artist and educator.
  • Episode 71

    Stefano Stoll

    Stefano Stoll is the director of the Swiss Festival Images Vevey-a bi-annual festival dedicated to lens-based imagery.
  • Episode 70

    Michael Light

    Michael Light is an American Artist working in photography
  • Episode 69

    Dafy Hagai

    Dafy Hagai is an Israeli artist working across several genres including fashion and editorial.
  • Episode 68

    Ron Jude

    Ron Jude is an American artist working in photography.
  • Episode 67

    Chloe Dewe Mathews

    Chloe Dewe Mathews is a British artist working in the documentary tradition.
  • Episode 66

    Jack Latham

    Jack Latham is a British artist exploring themes of new documentary practice.
  • Episode 65

    Brad Feuerhelm

    Made a book.
  • Episode 64

    Morgan Crowcroft-Brown

    Morgan Crowcroft-Brown is a photobook designer and production manager. She works for MACK.
  • Episode 63

    Mark Ruwedel

    Mark Ruwedel is an artist working in the American West.
  • Episode 62

    Geert Goiris

    Geert Goiris is a Belgian artist working in photography.
  • Episode 61

    Aaron Schuman

    Aaron Schuman is an American artist living and working in England.
  • Episode 60

    Terri Weifenbach & Tim Carpenter

    Terri Weifenbach and Tim Carpenter are American artists whose work explores the themes of nature and the pastoral.
  • Episode 59

    Stephen Frailey

    Stephen Frailey is an artist, writer and educator.
  • Episode 58

    Dan Rule

    Dan Rule is the founder along with his partner Justine Ellis of Perimeter Books, Perimeter Distribution and Perimeter Editions.
  • Episode 57

    Elinor Carucci

    Elinor Carucci is an Israeli-American artist based in New York.
  • Episode 56

    Eva Maria Ocherbauer

    Eva Maria Ocherbauer is an Austrian artist working between Berlin and Lago, Nigeria.
  • Episode 55

    Nadine Wietlisbach

    Nadine Wietlisbach is the director of Fotomuseum Winterthur
  • Episode 54

    Wouter Van de Voorde

    Wouter Van de Voorde is a Belgian artist working in Australia
  • Episode 53

    Shannon Taggart

    Shannon Taggart is an artist working in America. Her work deals with spiritualism and image.
  • Episode 52

    Dafna Talmor

    Dafna Talmor is an artist living and working in London.
  • Episode 51

    Ken Light

    Ken Light is a photojournalist working in America.
  • Episode 50

    Gideon Mendel

    Gideon Mendel is a South African artist/photojournalist living in London.
  • Episode 49

    Judith Black

    Judith Black is an American artist working with photography.
  • Episode 48

    Peter Puklus

    Peter Puklus is an multi-media artist working in Budapest.
  • Episode 47

    Hoda Afshar & Hannah Darabi

    Hoda Afshar and Hannah Darabi are Iranian artists working in Australia and France, respectively
  • Episode 46

    David Campany

    David Campany is an artist, writer and curator working in the field of photography and contemporary art
  • Episode 45

    JH Engström

    Jh Engström is a Swedish artist living and working in Paris. His new book Day by Day has just been published by Editions Bessard.
  • Episode 44

    Hans Danuser

    Hans Danuser is a criminally underrated artist working in photography and installation.
  • Episode 43

    Mariken Wessels

    Mariken Wessels is an artist based in Amsterdam.
  • Episode 42

    Thomas Weski

    Thomas Weski is one of the finest German photography curators.
  • Episode 41

    Joachim Brohm

    Joachim Brohm is a German artist working in color.
  • Episode 40

    Odette England

    Odette England is an artist and researcher based in America.
  • Episode 39

    Aikaterini Gegisian

    Aikaterini Gegisian is a multi-disciplinarian artist.
  • Episode 38

    Ken Grant

    Ken Grant is a documentary photographer working in Britain.
  • Episode 37

    Felix Hoffmann

    Felix Hoffmann works for C/O Berlin Foundation as chief curator.
  • Episode 36

    Peter Bialobrzeski

    Peter Bialobrzeski is a photographer and a professor of photography.
  • Episode 35

    Sunil Gupta

    Sunil Gupta is an artist and an activist for gay rights.
  • Episode 34

    Mimi Plumb

    Mimi Plumb is an American Artist working in the American West. She has published several books including Landfall with TBW Books.
  • Fiona Makkink

    Episode 33

    Elisa Medde

    Elisa Medde is the editor of the Photography Magazine FOAM.
  • Episode 32

    Adam Broomberg

    Adam Broomberg is an artist and educator. He is also one half of the artistic collaboration Broomberg & Chanarin.
  • Episode 31

    Hannah Darabi

    Hannah Darabi is an Iranian Artist living in Paris whose work explores the archive, politics, and history. Her award-winning book Engehelab Street, a Revolution through Books: Iran 1979-1983 was published by LeBal and Spector Books.
  • Episode 30

    Protick Sarker

    Protick or Sarker Protick as he is commonly referred to is one of the leading lights of Bangladeshi photography.
  • Episode 29

    Amak Mahmoudian

    Amak Mahmoodian is an artist born in Shiraz and lives in Bristol, UK.
  • Episode 28

    Peter Funch

  • Episode 27

    Sasha Wolf

    Sasha Wolf specializes in contemporary photography, specifically documentary and post-documentary based work.
  • Episode 26

    Martin Seeds

    Born and raised in Belfast, Ireland, political borders inform Martin’s various bodies of works from No Country For Young Men to Masks.
  • Episode 25

    Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa

    Stanley Wolukau-Wanambwa is a photographer and writer.
  • Episode 24

    Eva Stenram

    Eva Stenram is an artist using appropriation and collage living and working in Berlin. Her practice considers materiality and how photography can be enlisted as a memory of cultural byproducts such pin-ups and travel magazines.
  • Episode 23

    Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi

    Cécile Poimboeuf-Koizumi and I talk publishing and artist Iseei Suda amongst others topics such as the photobook market.
  • Episode 22

    Urs Stahel

  • Episode 21

    Felicity Hammond

    I have known Felicity Hammond for a handful of years. Her work strikes me as uncharacteristically ambitious coming from a photography background.
  • Episode 20

    Mike Slack

    This episode with Mike Slack was recorded in Paris in November of 2019. It was a crazy week in which I set about interviewing as many people as possible during the week of Parisphoto.
  • Episode 19

    John Divola

    Some conversations feel “heavier” than others. With John Divola, I found it sometimes difficult to articulate my thoughts on his work in our conversation.
  • Episode 18

    Dayanita Singh

    Dayanita Singh is an absolute powerhouse of an individual and artist. Her work is profoundly committed to books.
  • Episode 17

    Iris Sikking

    Iris Sikking was an absolute delight to speak with. I had the good fortune to meet with her during her curatorial guesting of Photomonth Krakow (2018).
  • Episode 16

    Jason Fulford

    I had the distinct honor of speaking to Jason Fulford about a number of topics from Giorgio de Chirico to the idea of play in his work.
  • Episode 15

    Christopher Anderson

  • Episode 14

    Charlie Engman

  • Episode 13

    Barbara Levine

  • Episode 12

    Kristine Potter

  • Episode 11

    Jack Davison

    I came across Jack Davison through his book Photographs published by Loose Joints.
  • Episode 10

    Maja Daniels

    I spoke with Maja Daniels about her wonderful book Elf Dalia published by MACK.
  • Episode 09

    Roger Eberhard

    Roger has put out an incredibly eloquent and research-oriented publication with Edition Patrick Frey entitled Human Territoriality.
  • Episode 08

    Dania Shihab

    The owner of the record label Paralaxe Editions which has its base in Barcelona.
  • Episode 07

    Max Pinckers

    In our conversation we discuss many different topics and most of his books.
  • Episode 06

    Nadav Kander

    It was an extreme honor to speak with Nadav, whose multi-faceted work is very dear to me.
  • Episode 05

    Tereza Zelenkova

    Tereza Zelenkova is a Czech artist whose work examines, memory, doubling and the occult roots of image-making.
  • Episode 04

    Roger Ballen

    Roger Ballen is a celebrated photographic artist working in South Africa whose images are known for their deep and often brooding examinations of interior psychological spaces….and rats.
  • Episode 03

    Michael Mack

    Global publisher of award-winning books on art, photography and critical studies.
  • Episode 02

    Lisa Barnard

    A photographic artist working in the tradition of the British documentary practice.
  • Episode 01


    An introduction to Nearest Truth by Brad Feuerhelm.