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387. Stinus Duch


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Stinus Duch is an publisher based in Denmark

Episode 387: Stinus Duch joins me for our second discussion regarding his excellent publishing house, Disko Bay.

I wanted to catch up with Stinus late last year as I often need to speak repeatedly with artists and publishers. So many things change in the industry, and a healthy checkup is generally quite rewarding, especially with a younger publisher doing fine work. These episodes are not meant to re-tread old ground but act as an unobtrusive check-in.

During the episode, I was able to probe a bit deeper into how Disko Bay Runs, but also find out what new books Stinus was publishing. It is not super long, but was quite direct and interesting. There is even a bit of local ambience implicit. Tune in!

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission
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Photograph Credit: Disko Bay and Paula Duvå
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