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389. Jack Latham


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Episode 389: Jack Latham returns to speak about his new book Beggar’s Honey, recently published by Here Press and Images Vevey(2023).

The book apparently stems partly from a conversation that Jack and I had on the podcast a few years back. We spoke about conspiracy theories and what our YouTube algorithms must look like if allowed to play all night, given Jack’s and my own penchant for following (but not giving into) conspiracy theories and true crime for grist for our individual subject matter mills. Moving forward a few years his new book covers the nefarious world of click farms and how the digital platforms we follow curtail our free will with warring factions that employ technology to reduce our capacity to follow subject matter that interests us and has wider implications for how politics and democracies are governed.

This was a really great conversation. We spent little to no time getting into the politics of the moment, which apologetically was recorded before the start of the new year. Jack, apart from being an incredibly talented artist is a deep thinker and someone I gravely respect for his candor and open-mindedness, which clearly shows through this conversation. Please Tune In.

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