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109. Gloria Oyarzabal


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Gloria Oyarzabal is a Spanish artist.

Episode 109: I wanted to get Gloria Oyarzabal‘s episode out as we had actually recorded an episode in early Autumn, but it suffered from poor audio, so we opted to re-record and we are both very happy about that. This version of our conversation is much more intense and kind at the same time.

We cover her book and the topics surrounding it with some rigour. Both of us pose challenging questions to each other and I cannot thank her enough for that. I find episodes like this to be quite inspiring on a personal level.

In the episode, Gloria and I speak about her beautiful book Woman Go No ‘Gree. The book is part research project, part archival work and is coupled with Gloria’s photographs, many of which were made in Lagos, Nigeria. We speak about making work in Lagos and the implicit discussion about what authorship means in a “non-Western” environment.

We speak about Gloria interests, her points of view about feminism, history and the production of images. She is inherently aware of the concerns of post-colonial narratives and her work tackles her position as a European woman engaging in work on the African continent. Her book was the winner of the Images Vevey Photobook Dummy Award and has been shortlisted this year for the Aperture Photobook Award.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credits: Gloria Oyarzabal
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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