Episodes / Ep. 161 - Ashlyn Davis Burns & Shane Lavalette

161. Ashlyn Davis Burns & Shane Lavalette


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Ashlyn Davis Burns and Shane Lavalette run Assembly a new hybrid gallery, agency and creative studio

Episode 161: This episode is an introduction to the great people behind the new project Assembly. Ashlyn Davis Burns and Shane Lavalette are veterans in the photography scene. Both have worked at institutions such as Light Work and the Houston Center for Photography.

Alejandro Cartagena Between Borders #2, 2009

In this episode, the three of us speak about the new venture of Assembly and how the duo came to form it. We speak about the backgrounds of both Ashlyn and Shane and how their experience will provide a fertile background for their venture. We also speak about the artists that they work with and how the impact of the current moment is important in their choices. I am going to outline below a succinct description lifted directly from the Assembly site as their new project incorporates many features all under one business model. Please tune in to find out fully what they are up to.

Poulomi Basu Untitled 2011

“Assembly represents a diverse roster of artists working in photography, mixed-media, video, and sound. As a gallery, agency, and creative studio, we holistically nurture artists and their practice, while identifying and cultivating opportunities for collaborations with a global network of creatives, in both the fine art and commercial worlds. We offer value-driven consulting for collectors, museums, and institutions, creative production and art buying services for magazines and brands, and create meaningful projects that tell memorable stories about the world we live in.”

Rodrigo Valenzuela

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