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Archival Photography

  • 285. Albert Grøndahl

    Albert Grøndahl is a Danish artist working between archive and photography
  • 195. Federico Clavarino

    Federico Clavarino is an Italian artist.
  • 109. Gloria Oyarzabal

    Gloria Oyarzabal is a Spanish artist.
  • 98. Bill Sullivan

    Bill Sullivan is an American artist.
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    95. Andrea Stultiens

    Andrea Stultiens is a Dutch researcher, educator and artist.
  • 70. Michael Light

    Michael Light is an American Artist working in photography
  • 43. Mariken Wessels

    Mariken Wessels is an artist based in Amsterdam.
  • 29. Amak Mahmoudian

    Amak Mahmoodian is an artist born in Shiraz and lives in Bristol, UK.
  • 13. Barbara Levine

    Barbara Levine is a photo collagist, collector of vernacular photography, curator and author.

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