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143. Peter J Cohen


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Peter J Cohen is an esteemed and important New York-based collector of photographs

Episode 143: Peter J Cohen is one of the most important collectors of photography today. His contributions to rescuing and broadening our understanding of snapshots and vernacular photography is legendary.

Collection Peter J Cohen

His collection boasts of over 60,000 photographs divided into over 130 categories. His passion and enthusiasm is infectious and his collection has been featured in a number of important museum exhibitions. The institutions that have included portions of Peter’s collections include, but are not limited to SFMoMa, MoMa, MFA Boston, and the Metropolitan Museum of Art. He is often asked to contribute to international exhibitions about photography. He also publishes books about his holdings.

Collection Peter J Cohen

In this episode, we speak about Peter’s collection and his background with the medium. Though he is known as a collector of vernacular photographs, he has also collected contemporary images. Though this is not his focus, it adds layers to his efforts. We spoke about the beginning days of collecting and how he began his pursuit of vernacular images. It is a fascinating bit of insight. If you are interested in the history of collecting photographs, this episode is a must.

Collection Peter J Cohen

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