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253. Andrew Dewdney

Writer, Lecturer, Professor

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Andrew Dewdney is a British academic and writer

Episode 253: Andrew Dewdney is a British academic, writer, research professor, and lecturer.

Andrew’s new book Forget Photography examines photography’s refusal to die and how we as creators, thinkers, and society, in general, need to shift the focus from thinking of contemporary images production as photographic as they are indebted more to the future of image-making which is outlined by networks and computational imagery driven by data sets and aggregated information, which is collated and reformed into pure digital code and imagery. We still use antiquated terms and think of the networked image as photographic when it is no longer analytically photographic.

In full declaration, I was a little out of my depth with the conversation, but Andrew helped me work through his book and I very much enjoyed his company and his all too human kindness. I have used the image of Bub as the thumbnail in reference to what Andrew suggests as the zombification of photography with its constant death and resurrection show. I hope all Romero fans will approve. I have outlined the episode index in a similar fashion with some of my friends from cinema. Please Tune in.

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