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    139. David Levi Strauss

    David Levi Strauss is an American poet and writer on art and photography
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    136. Jason Lee

    Jason Lee is an American Photographer and actor.
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    135. Ruth van Beek

    Ruth van Beek is a Dutch artist working in collage
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    131. Tamara Kametani

    Tamara Kametani is a Slovakian artist working in Athens
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    130. Gary Green

    Gary Green is an American photographic artist
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    128. António Júlio Duarte

    António Júlio Duarte is a Portuguese artist.
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    126. Diane Smyth

    Diane Smyth is a British writer on the medium of photography.
  • 125. Kim Beil

    Kim Beil is an American writer on the history of photography.
  • 124. Christopher Anderson

    Christopher Anderson is a Canadian-American artist working in Paris.
  • 122. Jörg Colberg

    Jörg Colberg is a German photographer and writer on photography based in America.
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    121. Damian Heinisch

    Damian Heinisch is a Polish artist working in Norway.
  • 114. Gus Powell

    Gus Powell is an American photographer.
  • 112. Tania Franco Klein

    Tania Franco Klein is a Mexican artist.
  • 111. Eli Durst

    Eli Durst is an American artist.
  • 107. Mike Osborne

    Mike Osborne is an American artist.
  • 106. Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb

    Alex and Rebecca Norris Webb are American photographers.
  • 104. Yoshi Kametani

    Yoshi Kametani is an American artist.
  • 103. Alejandro Cartagena

    Alejandro Cartagena is an artist and bookmaker based in Mexico.
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    102. Peter Bebergal

    Peter Bebergal is an American author.

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