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Brad Feuerhelm

  • Episode #45

    JH Engström

    Jh Engström is a Swedish artist living and working in Paris. His new book Day by Day has just been published by Editions Bessard.

  • Episode #43

    Mariken Wessels

    Mariken Wessels is an artist based in Amsterdam.

  • Episode #40

    Odette England

    Odette England is an artist and researcher based in America.

  • Episode #38

    Ken Grant

    Ken Grant is a documentary photographer working in Britain.

  • Episode #37

    Felix Hoffmann

  • Episode #36

    Peter Bialobrzeski

  • Episode #35

    Sunil Gupta

    Sunil Gupta is an artist and an activist for gay rights.

  • Episode #34

    Mimi Plumb

    Mimi Plumb is an American Artist working in the American West. She has published several books including Landfall with TBW Books.

  • Fiona Makkink

    Episode #33

    Elisa Medde

    Elisa Medde is the editor of the Photography Magazine FOAM.

  • Episode #31

    Hannah Darabi

    Hannah Darabi is an Iranian Artist living in Paris whose work explores the archive, politics, and history. Her award-winning book Engehelab Street, a Revolution through Books: Iran 1979-1983 was published by LeBal and Spector Books.