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226. Sophie-Charlotte Opitz

Curator, Writer, Director of Exhibitions at The Walther Collection

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Sophie-Charlotte Opitz is the Director of Exhibitions at the Walther Collection, a writer, and a curator

Episode 226: Sophie-Charlotte Opitz is a German writer, curator, and the Director of Exhibitions at The Walther Collection in New Ulm, Germany. Please give her a follow on her Instagram. She needs friends.

By Sophie-Charlotte Opitz

In all honesty, this episode was possibly one of the most humorous that I have recorded. I actually not sure if it qualifies as super educational. Having never met Sophie-Charlotte, I was not sure what to expect in terms of the conversation or where we might head. Ahead of the recording, we had decided to focus mostly on Sophie herself as opposed to her new role at The Walther Collection as Director of exhibitions. The reason being is that she has had quite a career ahead of her new position with seriously interesting studies on memory and also conflict photography. Now, that all said, I can tell you that we did not get very far into either of those topics.

By Sophie-Charlotte Opitz

We instead opted to speak about Sophie-Charlotte’s background growing up in Germany and going to art classes as well as having a foray (completely unintentional) onto several topics regarding identity. It was a respectful discussion and we did not necessarily see eye to eye on everything, but all in, it was stimulating and I think this is how these discussions should be carried out. Instead of outrage, instead of outrage porn, and instead of shouting down the line, why not simply try to parse out what is going on and agree to agree or disagree? In any event, that was not the bulk of the conversation, but it was part of it.

By Sophie-Charlotte Opitz

In honesty, I see this as one of up to three introductory episodes to Sophie-Charlotte and her career. We hung up and spoke for a bit afterwards and there is so much going on in her world and with her fascination with the medium, that 2.5 hours was simply not enough. I very much appreciated Sophie-Charlotte’s time and cannot wait to speak with her again soon. Please listen in.

By Sophie-Charlotte Opitz

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