Episodes / Ep. 263 - Myrto Steirou & João Linneu

263. Myrto Steirou & João Linneu

Photobook Publishers

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Myrto Steirou & João Linneu are photobook publishers based in Athens, Greece

Episode 263: Myrto Steirou & João Linneu are the duo responsible for VOID, a publishing house based in Athens, Greece.

Loïc Seguin – Half-Light

Disclaimer, I am currently working on a series of zines for our Bleak House collaboration and I have run workshops with VOID in the past. I am very partial to their output and to them as people. This sentiment will be reflected in the episode. I think they are amongst the new crop of photobook publishers working in the past half-decade that exemplify a continued embrace of the medium with fluency and vigor.

Olivier Pin-Fat MEAT

During the episode, I spoke to Myrto and João about the history of VOID and how they met to form the publishing house. The initial version of VOID also included Sylvia Sacchini who has gone on to form her own gallery called MISC. As a duo, Myrto and João are progressing with a different catalog and focus and we spoke about the new books they are working on as well as their back catalog of wonderful titles. It was a pretty expansive conversation and there is a lot to ponder regarding the current state of the photobook market and how we see the future of the production of books.

Cammie Toloui – 5 Dollars for 3 Minutes

There is a lot going on in the episode and I hope that you find something that resonates. I believe that VOID is one of the most exciting publishing houses working in the medium right now and I believe that we will continue to see great projects coming from their trusted hands. Please Tune In!

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