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368. Danny Franzreb


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Danny Franzreb is a German photographer

Episode 368: Danny Franzreb is a German artist whose new book Proof of Work explores the hermetic world of crypto-farming throughout Europe. Eminent publishers, Hartmann Books, have just published it. Nicolas Polli contributed to the book’s exquisite design.

This is a conversation that I have been waiting to have for some time. Danny is someone that I met while he was developing this project. Our paths crossed during a Nearest Truth workshop, and I had the time to sit with Danny and go through the work as it was halfway finished. I was struck by the conceptual lode of the material, both with its technological subject matter and the level of skill that Danny has as an artist. At that point, the work was gelled, and spending time with him on the material was a gift.

During this episode, Danny and I caught up and discussed the completed work and how things regarding the cryptocurrency field have changed since he began the work. We also spoke about the strange hermetic world of the crypto-farms themselves. It is a fascinating story and one that has not passed into history. It is open, and still being written. The outcome of these farms, people, equipment, and the social and economic implications will undoubtedly be one of the fundamental discussions over the next decade or so.

In speaking with Danny, I felt we were speaking about some strange type of digital fronteerism, some vast uncharted territory that was just now being mapped. As one of the first photobooks on the subject, Danny’s contribution will be an exciting project to re-examine down the road. Please tune into this. Danny and the Hartmanns have spent much time preparing this, along with Holly Roussel and Anika Meier, who contributed great essays on the work and the crypto phenomenon. Please Tune In!

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission
Editing: Adam Mead
Photograph Credits: Danny Franzreb for Hartmann Books
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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