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202. Daile Kaplan


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Daile Kaplan is an American photography collector

Episode 202: Daile Kaplan is an American photography collector and former head of photography and photobooks at Swann Auction House, New York.

C/o Pop Photographica

Daile is the former head of Swann auction house’s photography. I met her in New York sometime around 2009 or so when I was submitting material for auction. I also had her book on overlooked American photographer Arthur Albert Allen entitled Premier Nudes. Strangely, we did not talk much about this book or her excellent ground-breaking book Lewis Hine in Europe: The Lost Photographs.

c/o Pop Photographica

Throughout the episode, we spoke about Daile’s interests in photography and how she managed a few specific archives that set her interests in history and collections. We spoke about her interests in vernacular material and also the history of the New york collecting and the dealing scene which was hugely illuminating for me personally. Again, these episodes are meant to shine a light on all genres and facets of the medium. For me, the history of collecting and dealing is hugely undervalued in our contemporary moment and I am hoping to re-build some of that history in speaking with exceptional enthusiasts like Daile.

c/o Pop Photographica

Please tune into this. I remember having a great time recording with Daile and I really hope to catch her again as her Pop Photographica enterprise grows.

c/o Pop Photographica

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