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411. Rita Lino


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Rita Lino is a Portuguese artist

Episode 411: Rita Lino is a Portuguese artist artist whose new book Escavadora, published by XYZ Books explores the continuation of self-dehumanization in the form of a photobook.

Known for her self-portraits and photobooks, Lino’s work progression has been fascinating to watch. Her self-portraits, which previously dealt with a level of frustration and vulnerability has morphed, over the past two books and number of years to her latest project which sees her in control and nearing a state in which her body and her self-portraits are potent and full of strength.

There is no longer any doubt or vulnerability. In fact, there is no longer any Lino in as much as that she has morphed into a sort of entity in Escavadora, a haunting serpent gnawing through the belly of the earth. Please Listen In!!

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission
Editing: Adam Mead
Photograph Credits: Rita Lino
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

Rights are reserved for Nearest Truth. No copies of this content are permitted without express permission from Brad Feuerhelm.

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