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Loose Joints

  • 373. Mårten Lange

    Mårten Lange is a Swedish artist and bookmaker
  • 366. Yana Wernicke

  • 359. Giles Price

    Giles Price is a British artist
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    335. der Mund

    der mund ist tot
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    320. Tim Richmond

    Tim Richmond is a British artist based in America
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    251. Mouth

    Thoughts on the end of year, but mostly photbooks
  • 186. Miranda Lichtenstein

    Miranda Lichtenstein is an American artist
  • 152. Chloe Dewe Mathews

    Chloe Dewe Mathews is a British artist
  • 129. Brad Feuerhelm

    This is a long episode in which I discuss the year and review the books that I personally found inspiring.
  • 100. Mark McKnight

    Mark McKnight is an American artist.
  • 11. Jack Davison

    I came across Jack Davison through his book Photographs published by Loose Joints.

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