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Music and Photography

  • 255. Fred Bidwell

    Fred and Laura Bidwell are collectors who run the Transformer Station in Cleveland
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    232. Helena Goñi

    Helena Goñi is a Basque artist
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    225. Costanza Santilli

    Costanza Santilli is an Italian artist working in Great Britain
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    221. Søren Solkær

    Søren Solkær is a Danish photographer
  • 151. Deanna & Ed Templeton

    Deanna Templeton (joined here with husband Ed) is an artist based in America
  • 148. Clint Woodside

    Clint Woodside is an American publisher
  • 130. Gary Green

    Gary Green is an American photographic artist
  • 128. António Júlio Duarte

    António Júlio Duarte is a Portuguese artist.

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