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148. Clint Woodside


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Clint Woodside is an American publisher

Episode 148: It has been a minute since Clint Woodside and I recorded this. Clint is one of the most enthusiastic and cherished publishers in the photobook scene as the owner of Deadbeat Club.

Maude Arsenault Entangled Deadbeat Club

Clint’s boundless enthusiasm is what separates him from many of his contemporaries. You need a serious battery to keep up with him and his enthusiasm is supremely infectious. I recommend a strong coffee to keep pace. On top of this, Clint also has a very particular vision of books and photography and has been publishing heralded gems for the past couple of years. he is also a passionate image-maker and lives and breathes photography.

David Billet & Ian Kine Rabbit/Hare Deadbeat Club

I think my introduction to DBC and Clint was Cole Barash‘s excellent book Stiya; a book full of intrigue, metaphor and myth surrounding the storm of childbirth. This was followed by a compunction to follow Clint’s efforts in publishing. I have been completely taken with Maude Aresenault‘s Entangled (Nearest Truth Episode 88) David Billet & Ian Kline‘s Rabbit/Hare and Ward Long‘s Summer Sublet. All of these titles are exemplary and leaves me excited to see what Clint’s 2021 roster might include.

Ward Long Summer Sublet Deadbeat Club

In the episode, we speak about Clint’s background with photography and our shared love of music. We managed to suss out that in 1996/7 or so, we were both present in St. Paul, Minnesota as he was the roadie for a personally influential band for me in Snapcase. It was the Van’s Warped Tour and we happened to be in the same place at the same time with 20,000 other people-still, its a kinda fun fact. Clint recounts tales of making work and how he started DBC within the conversation. We spoke a little bit about his taste in photographer’s and the Los Angles area group of photographers that he travels with. It was incredibly enjoyable and I want to express a huge bout of gratitude to Clint. Please get in the van and pick up some of these exceptional titles and support.

Maude Arsenault Entangled Deadbeat Club

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