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  • 193. David Levi Strauss

    David Levi Strauss is an American, writer, poet, and critic
  • 139. David Levi Strauss

    David Levi Strauss is an American poet and writer on art and photography
  • 122. Jörg Colberg

    Jörg Colberg is a German photographer and writer on photography based in America.
  • 121. Damian Heinisch

    Damian Heinisch is a Polish artist working in Norway.
  • 107. Mike Osborne

    Mike Osborne is an American artist.
  • 64. Morgan Crowcroft-Brown

    Morgan Crowcroft-Brown is a photobook designer and production manager. She works for MACK.
  • 62. Geert Goiris

    Geert Goiris is a Belgian artist working in photography.
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    58. Dan Rule

    Dan Rule is the founder along with his partner Justine Ellis of Perimeter Books, Perimeter Distribution and Perimeter Editions.
  • Fiona Makkink

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    33. Elisa Medde

    Elisa Medde is the editor of the Photography Magazine FOAM.

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