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33. Elisa Medde

Managing Editor FOAM Magazine

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Elisa Medde is the editor of the Photography Magazine FOAM.

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Episode 35: This was a particularly great episode for me to record. Elisa Medde is the managing editor of FOAM Magazine, one of the pre-eminent magazines devoted to the medium with a particular emphasis on contemporary image-making.

The reason the episode was important for me is that as an editor myself, it is always interesting to share notes, particularly when I might not agree with the another editor’s position. So long as there is a mutual respect, I see no reason when a difference of opinion should not drive the medium and conversation further. If we agree with everyone all of the time, how vanilla would our world be? Elisa and I do not disagree on much to be honest, but we do see things differently and in a healthy manner. It is something that we talk through in the episode.

On that note, Elisa and I discuss many things. We discuss the Talent Issue of FOAM, which is a very important issue for young artists. There are a number of voices within and equally as many positions inside who are finding their way through photography. As there are not many in-print magazines that cater to young photographers, the Talent Issue has a a very prominent international position and can be counted as the premier outlet for these artists. The design of the magazine is also one of the most easily recognized in the field.

Elisa and I ruminated over a number of different issues, both political and personal. We speak on our own histories, but also the world at present. There is a part of the episode where we speak about race and the events taking place currently in America. We speak largely in agreement about outcomes of pushing progress forward on a number of issues. We do find a moment to disagree on language, but again, I truly believe that this pushes the discussion forward with important nuance. I want to thank Elisa for taking up my offer to be interviewed. If you are listening, you will hear why her acceptance was important. Please do keep a continued eye on FOAM.

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