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146. Clément Chéroux

Chief Curator of Photography MoMA

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Clément Chéroux is the Joel and Anne Ehrenkranz Chief Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art

Episode 146: I recorded this yesterday on February 5th, 2021 and we have managed to turn it around rather fast due to the blinding speed and exceptional work of audio engineer Adam Mead. Thank you, Dear Adam! Morning Soundtrack: Cecil Taylor Jazz Milestones

Shoot! La photographie existentielle Centre Pompidou 2010

The reason I wanted this episode turned around quick is although a little bit shorter than most Nearest Truth episodes, it is completely packed with interesting information from Clément Chéroux about his life and work in photography. I have mentioned this before, but I really love speaking with curators that have a history of the medium under their belt. Though I adore and speak to many contemporary artists, I came through the vintage side of the medium and for me these episodes feel like a continuation of my education.

La Subversion Des Images Centre Pompidou 2009

Clément is the newly appointed Chief Curator of Photography at the Museum of Modern Art. Previous to this experience, he was the Senior Curator of Photography at The San Francisco Museum of Modern Art (2017-2020) and prior to that he was the Curator of Photography at Centre Pompidou in Paris (2007-2012) and then Chief Curator at the same institution (2013-2016). He also studied photography at the National School of Photography in Arles.

Snapshare SFMoMA 2019

Clément has written over 40 books and curated numerous exhibitions both in Europe and America. His contributions to the medium are vast and will continue under his guidance at MoMA. We spoke a little bit in the episode about his interests in curating from the vernacular to the importance of diversity in collections. We chatted about the history of the medium and its long climb to be accepted as an art form unto itself and what that means for the future engagement with the medium. Clément and I spoke about this and also what is means to broaden the scope of photography through its common usage (vernacular and snapshots) and how this might add to the call for diversity within institutions. It was an extreme honour to have this moment with Clément and I hope you all enjoy.

Walker Evans Centre Pompidou 2017

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