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184. Milo Keller

Artist & Educator

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Milo Keller is an artist and head of ECAL’s photography department in Lausanne, Switzerland

Episode 184: Milo Keller is a Swiss artist and photographic educator.

Milo is the Head of Photography at ECAL based in Lausanne, Switzerland. I had been waiting to conduct this episode for some time. I have visited ECAL and was blown away by Milo and the general atmosphere of the photographic program. There are a number of really great things about the program that makes it exceptional and necessary. This episode was super important for me to be able to share Milo’s insight with prospective students, but also other educators.

In this episode, we discuss Milo’s background, his concerns as an educator and as an artist, but also the general state of photographic education and how ECAL’s program works as a synthesis between the conceptual world of art photography and the commercial world. We also discuss what the future of the medium looks like as it relates to technology, particularly augmented reality, automation, and AI. Milo’s insight was a gift on these matters.

I am interested in photographic education from the perspective of working placement in the field of photography. I am not an educator myself, nor do I feel fit for purpose to deal with the bureaucracy that comes with it. I deeply appreciate educators, but I am also often hesitant about education as it relates to the job market and the costs associated with photographic programs.

As the cost of education rises exponentially, we have to consider what it means to put students through courses that do not prepare them for the future of the medium. We also need to consider what it means to have an art practice without viable skills that allow access to the market. Milo and I cover some of that in this episode. Please Tune In. I am deeply thankful for Milo’s time.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credits: ECAL/Milo Keller
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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