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215. Nelson Chan

Artist, Educator, Publisher

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Nelson Chan is an American photographic educator, artist, publisher, and production manager

Episode 215: It’s hard to pinpoint exactly what monikers to give Nelson Chan given his incredible experience and versatility of abilities.

From my Da Lu

Nelson is another great example of an artist who has an incredible amount of experience in practical matters such as education and publishing to name a few. He is currently on faculty at The California College of the Arts (CCA) and has previously helmed the production manager role for Aperture and their publications. He is an incredibly gifted artist in his own right and manages to still help out a great number of colleagues with their projects. He is also one of the founding members of TIS.

From my Da Lu

During the episode, we spoke about Nelson’s background, his family, and his early years navigating his budding artistic talent and his time spent in both New Jersey and Hong Kong which would ultimately shape many of his future projects such as ma Da Lu, an incredibly touching document about his family whom have roots in both Hong Kong and Taiwan.

From my Da Lu

We spoke about his upbringing and his education at both RISD and the Hartford School and his role in both TIS and his production manager role for aperture finally concluding the episode by speaking about the importance of his role as an educator. There is quite a bit in his episode regarding Nelson, but also the larger scope of photography at present. Please dive in.

From my Da Lu

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Nelson Chan

Artist Photograph Credit: Sydney Krantz

Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

Rights are reserved to Nearest Truth. No copies of this content in either written, video, or audio are permitted without express permission from Brad Feuerhelm.

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