Episodes / Ep. 265 - Clément Chéroux

265. Clément Chéroux

Writer & MoMA Chief Curator of Photography

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Clément Chéroux is a writer and the Chief Curator of Photography at MoMA

Episode 265: Clément Chéroux returns for his second episode to explore his brilliant new book Since 1839 Eleven Essays on Photography published by RIC and MIT.

It is always a pleasure to catch up with Clément to speak about his activities in photography which are numerous. For this episode, we spoke about his new book and all of the amazing amount of material covered within from photography’s early beginnings, through its inception, and towards a greater understanding of the roles that both vernacular and iconographic images play in society. We also tackle, albeit briefly French Humanism in photography.

This is a slightly shorter episode than most as Clément has a packed schedule. I hope you enjoy it. I still feel very at home speaking to Clément about his work as we seem to have quite a bit of similar interest between what Pierre Bourdieu has described as a “Middle-Brow Art” and photography’s role to the everyday. Please tune in. As ever, I am thankful to Clément for his time and his passion. This book is essential for people wanting to understand a deeper and less hegemonic history of the medium.

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