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93. Emma Phillips


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Emma Phillips is an artist working in Melbourne, Australia.

Episode 93: I had an absolute blast speaking with Emma Phillips for this episode. I was turned onto her work first by Jörg Colberg, who had mentioned that she was one of the leading lights coming out of her class at the Hartford Program at the time. I followed this up when speaking with Dan Rule of Perimeter Editions when I had a chance to speak with him regarding everything and everyone Perimeter in episode 58. Dan and Justine his partner had published Emma’s book A Light On the Wall and she was in his list of recommendations of people to speak with for Nearest Truth.

Untitled (Denise and Diane Twinning) 2018

Emma is also represented by Reading Room in Melbourne, Australia who has been instrumental in both helping her career, but also this episode. It is pertinent to reference their efforts here as we did in the episode.

Untitled (Landscape with Light Leak) 2018

In the episode, we spoke about a number of things concerning Emma’s work and her experiences at Hartford and also Perimeter. We even meandered into the global moment speaking on all things 2020. This comes up in other conversations at points, but not as a rule of thumb despite the pressures we are all feeling. It was all very refreshing and we even managed a few laughs. When speaking with Emma, I got the sense of an artist deeply appreciative of the work she is involved in. Emma spoke about photography, but also about the realities compacting the economics of existing in the arts even when it is going well. This was important as I believe it offers insight into the global condition which many of us toil under in photography. It exemplifies the best and the worst of our undertakings and it points at systems of values that should perhaps be challenged when we consider our economic existence.

Untitled (Diane Washing Dishes At Her Father’s House) 2018

I want to thank Emma for going through her work with me and for being straight-forward in her assessments and gratitude towards others. I am beginning to think of “down to earth” people as virtuous in the arts.

Installation view, “Too much to Dream”, ReadingRoom, 2019. Image credit – Andrew Curtis

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Emma Phillips “Lucy At Sammy’s”. 2018. Courtesy Emma Phillips and ReadingRoom, Melbourne.
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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