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Tereza Zelenkova


I caught up with Czech artist and friend Tereza Zelenkova. I have had the pleasure of following Tereza’s work since her very notable Supreme Vice exhibition and book.

In this episode Tereza and I speak about her work but also a number of things related to exhibiting photography and also the Culture of the Copy; a book written by Hillel Schwartz about doubles, Doppelgangers, and copies in art and life. We managed to speak about her practice without too many invocations of the word Goth, though we did get a chance to speak about folklore, Aleister Crowley, the occult in art and her forthcoming exhibition The Double Room, which will take place at some point (Covid19) this year at the Scotiabank Contact Photography Festival.

This episode accompanies her exhibition at the Toronto Contact festival in which she is exhibiting work from her series The Essential Solitude and new work made at the Campbell House in Toronto, which has resulted in her exhibition The Double Room.

Tereza is an old friend whose work I deeply admire. It is not always easy to speak about work that has an esoteric leaning, but Tereza’s free-flowing and astute observations do much to explain that which is normally unspoken.

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