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Felicity Hammond


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Episode 21: I have known Felicity Hammond for a handful of years. Her work strikes me as uncharacteristically ambitious coming from a photography background.

It is not often that I see work like hers that manages the scope of installation as it is meted out with new sculptural forms of material photography with much success. Felicity not only manages scale and concept critically, but manages to do so in pretty epic manner. There is something illuminating and beckoning in the work. Using the language of branding and desire, Felicity is able to shape our idea of the built environment in new and unprecedented ways. In my estimation, her work presents a cautionary tale for how we take images in our public space for granted.

Hammond’s practice is based somewhere between architecture and photography and can be read at points as a critique of both mediums as well as a critique of the urban environment. In this episode we discuss her practice, her nuanced approach to photography and her compelling assertions about how corporate public images affect our ability to be governed through capital and image. There are strategies in Felicity’s work that can be seen as criticisms of institutional behaviours that reach towards the dystopian.

We also discuss her book Property with Self Publish Be Happy and the frustrations and victories that come from translating such physical work into book format. Felicity is certainly one to watch. I believe she is challenging our assumptions about photography and its uses.

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