Episodes / Ep. 276 - Silvia Gaetti & Calin Kruse

276. Silvia Gaetti & Calin Kruse

Curator & Publisher

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Silvia Gaetti is a curator and Calin Kruse is a photobook publisher and artist

Episode 276: Silvia Gaetti & Calin Kruse are the duo responsible for the excellent book and exhibition Photobooks. Art Page by Page. The exhibition is currently up at the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts and coincides with the Leipzig Photobook Festival. The book is available through Calin’s publishing house dienacht.

I have known Calin for about a decade. He is one of the most passionate promoters and publishers of the DIY photobook scene. His output with dienacht is steady, measured, and evades the sophomoric calculations found with many of his contemporaries. He is an industry unto himself and his work, in Germany and abroad, should not go underappreciated. Silvia Gaetti is the curator responsible, along with Calin for promoting the exhibition Photobooks. Art Page by Page at the GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts for which she is the curator. Her passion and interest in getting photobooks into the museum as a medium unto itself should also not go undervalued.

In the episode, we spoke about the duo’s many activities surrounding the project and how it came into existence. We spoke about photobooks themselves and the general lay of the land. We tackled issues regarding the market and also production. Calin and Silvia both offered a fascinating insight into the exhibition and book. We also spoke in-depth about the Leipzig photobook festival and the potential it has on the continent to re-envigorate the community. I am a huge fan of both Silvia and Calin and this conversation was a great introduction to their project for me. I hope you will enjoy it. Please tune in.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credits:GRASSI Museum of Applied Arts, Dienacht Publishing
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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