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299. Pablo Lopez Luz


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Pablo Lopez Luz is a Mexican artist

Episode 299: Pablo Lopez Luz and I sat down to discuss his excellent recent book Baja Moda published by Editorial RM.

Pablo’s work is deeply indebted to a sense of history and varying explorations of his native Mexico, from its architecture to its commercial tendencies. His new book Baja Moda looks at typology through the storefronts he encounters in Central and South America. Often run by families, these time capsules exhibit a quality of time out of joint. They exist in a state of defiance to the antiseptic patterns of American and Western capitalism. They are unique and defy the rise of monocultural corporate salesrooms in places like America.

In this episode, we spoke about his new book and the experience of having David Campany write for the introduction and exploring his previous books and bodies of work. Pablo is an incredibly talented artist who sees history through the layers of contemporary Mexican society. His work deals with population density, geography, architecture, and the more recent concentration on the shopfronts he finds on his travels. It was a great and in-depth conversation with a colleague whose work is promising for a lengthy and considered career. Please Tune In!

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Pablo Lopez Luz
Editing: Adam Mead

Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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