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275. Alec Soth


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Alec Soth is an American photographer

Episode 275: Alec Soth and I spoke about his new book A Pound of Pictures (MACK, 2022).

Alec Soth, Camera Club. Washington, Pennsylvania., 2019.

This was an absolute joy to record. Sometimes reconnecting with people is a really great way to understand the morass of a moment. I don’t mind saying that it is probably one of the best conversations on the platform and Alec, as ever, was filled with illuminating discussions regarding his work, the work of others, and photography in general. We spoke about his new book A Pound of Pictures and the relationship it has to amateur and vernacular photography. We discussed camera clubs and the death of amateur and regional camera clubs. We spoke about getting back to the passion of creating photos and how Alec found inspiration in working alongside his friends and colleagues Sophie Calle and Ed Panar, amongst others. In fact, it is also a mutual appreciation post for Ed himself as we discuss his work in detail.

Alec Soth. Carmen. Williams, Arizona, 2020

The conversation was quite sprawling, yet never derailed.  We spoke about the book’s beginnings with Abraham Lincoln and a little bit about the president himself, or rather images of the president in state. We covered quite a bit of ground, but it felt direct, effortless, and deep. This episode is a testament to the reason why I do this. Please tune in and buy Alec’s new book, which I will emphasize again here in writing, is one of my favorite from his oeuvre.

Alec Soth. Philadelphia, Pennsylvania, 2021

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Alec Soth, Alec Soth & Magnum, Alec Soth for MACK

Thumbnail Credit: Ed Panar, Pittsburgh (2019)
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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