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292. Jake Reinhart


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Jake Reinhart is an American Photographer

Episode 292: I caught up with American photographer Jake Reinhart to speak about his beautiful allegory of a book that is Laurel Mountain Laurel published by Clint Woodside at Deadbeat Club.

It was great to finally meet with Jake regarding his new book. He and I, amongst a few other great people in photography, share a penchant for metal, punk, and hardcore music, so it is always great to connect with another enthusiast. Jake and I spoke about his work, but we also spoke about his background coming through photography with an emphasis on his original side gig of being an…umm…lawyer. I have only written this line in the manner that I have because I think it’s awesome but perplexing as I do not get a chance to speak with lawyers working in photography.

Jake and I spoke about Laurel Mountain Laurel and the ideas of labor, mining, and the Pennsylvania area of the Youghiogheny River. We spoke about the complexities of growing up in a post-industrial rust belt area of America and how that informs our shared concerns regarding economy, production, and labor. Though Jake’s book explores those concepts in a lyrical manner, the book itself is more atmospheric and also underpins the long tradition of the area with hints about Native American populations and the sorrow that informs the land given their marginalization. Though not an overt focal point, Jake connects the audience to the land, history, and his own family and their history within the working-class population of the Youghiogheny geography.

It was an illuminating discussion full of deep insight. Please check into this and get Jake’s book. It is beautifully designed and I expect great things forthcoming from Jake int he future.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credits: Jake Reinhart
Editing: Adam Mead

Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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