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314. Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko


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Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko are Italian and Bolivian artists respectively

Episode 314: Federico Clavarino and Tami Izko are two artists working collaboratively on projects between photography and sculpture. Their new book, Eel Soup, was published recently by Witty Books.

I have known the duo of Clavarino and Izko for a few years now, having met both artists in Poland at a festival that we were both participating in  Łódź. Having known of Federico’s work previously, it was a pleasure to meet his other half but also to see how their artistic collaboration functioned in the form of the exhibition for Eel Soup, which would result in the book designed by Clavrino, Izko, and Tommaso Tanini. During the hot summer when we met, I had a moment to see their exhibition and was pretty blown away by the synthesis of their collaboration. Collaborations between mediums such as photography and sculpture can be challenging as attaining a balance between the two artists and their works do not often go well.

Eel Soup presents, in my opinion, a near-perfect unity between the voices and shared outcomes of the two principal artists. The exhibition and the book both contribute widely to the vision shared by these two artists and their creations. Having studied sculpture and photography at university, I feel great sympathy for such a project. I remain devoted to the syncopation of rhythm found within the images and the sculptures themselves, both of which are significantly highlighted by the use of the space in exhibition form with mirrors acting as binding agents and the booking form with notes, writings, and variations (almost musical) contributing to its success as a publication. Please Tune in to hear the artists speak about their work from the position of collaboration.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Federico Clavarino & Tami Izko for Witty Books
Editing: Adam Mead
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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