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309. Max Ferguson


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Max Ferguson is an English artist

Episode 309: Max Ferguson is a British artist, writer, and publisher behind Oval Press. His new book Whistling For Owls is out now.

During a brief day of lecturing and portfolio reviews for UWE Bristol through Aaron Schuman’s photography program, I met Max. It was a day of meeting an exceptional class of young photography pioneers. I had run across Max’s work previously as he occupies a quite visible presence with his output. Oval Press is his publishing house, and watching him put together Whistling For Owls was an absolute joy. I am a huge fan of young artists finding their voice through DIY publishing. I believe Max is an excellent example of someone whose drive and sensitivity will continue to navigate his efforts through contemporary photography’s often constrictive world.

Our conversation spanned the gamut of Max’s background in photography to his recent publication. We discussed his thoughts on publishing and went into detail about what it takes to make a book. He thoroughly explained the process, and I suggest that any photobook enthusiast have a listen. His images have beautiful melancholia, coupled with his pensive words and clever use of type throughout the work. I am astounded by his ability to use his voice and eye in such a masterful way. It is not often that one finds an artist able to follow through with multiple mediums and successfully pull off a project like Whistling. Please Tune In. I expect great things from Max.

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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Max Ferguson
Editing: Adam Mead
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

Rights are reserved to Nearest Truth. No copies of this content are permitted without express permission from Brad Feuerhelm.

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