29 —

Amak Mahmoudian


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Episode 29: This episode was an absolute joy to record. Amak has an amazing story regarding her work and her life in general terms. We spoke about a number of things including her book Zanjir,the photography of the Shah Nasr Al-Din and the life of Taj Saltaneh, a memoirist whose poetry has inspired Amak to make Zanjir.


Amak’s ability to use family images along with state archival material that questions larger assumptions about Iran and her people is clever, personal and full of an engaging power. We spoke about her identity and how the general identity of Iranian women plays a major function in her work. We spent a good about of the conversation speaking also about her book Shenasnameh (birth certificate) which is about that very topic, but also alludes to the rules and consequences of making photographic projects in Tehran. I have had the good fortune to speak with Amak and a few of her contemporaries such Hannah Darabi and Hoda Afshar, each presents a very interesting point of view about their work and making art that reflects their heritage while also being positioned outside of the country itself. 


I look forward to seeing Amak’s progress and I hope to be able to check in again. 


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