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Photography conversation

  • Episode #38

    Ken Grant

    Ken Grant is a documentary photographer working in Britain.

  • Episode #29

    Amak Mahmoudian

  • Episode #27

    Sasha Wolf

  • Episode #15

    Christopher Anderson

  • Episode #14

    Charlie Engman

  • Episode #13

    Barbara Levine

  • Episode #11

    Jack Davison

    I came across Jack Davison through his book Photographs published by Loose Joints.

  • Episode #10

    Maja Daniels

    I spoke with Maja Daniels about her wonderful book Elf Dalia published by MACK.

  • Episode #09

    Roger Eberhard

    Roger has put out an incredibly eloquent and research-oriented publication with Edition Patrick Frey entitled Human Territoriality.

  • Episode #07

    Max Pinckers

    In our conversation we discuss many different topics and most of his books.