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218. Fryd Frydendahl


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Fryd Frydendahl is a Danish artist and Educator

Episode 218: Fryd Frydendahl and I sit down for a long-overdue conversation about her latest book Never Run Faster Than Your Guardian Angel Can Fly

Fryd and I spoke about her new book, but we also went backward to speak about the other bodies of work. We spent time on her incredibly powerful and intimate body of work about her nephews. The work is sincere, touching, and beautiful. It is a story about loss, but also about life continuing after a point of trauma. I thoroughly suggest that you look into that body of work in detail. It is an important body of work and exhibits an incredible amount of closeness.

We also speak about Fryd’s recent educational role at the Fatamorgana School of Photography in Copenhagen-an important European school for photography. We briefly speak about the school’s history, but more importantly, we speak about its future. It is an interesting segue as we also speak about Fryd’s time in America studying at the International Center of Photography and her relationship to Bernard Yenelous, an important mentor for many people who sadly passed away recently.

We also spoke about the multiple roles that Fryd’s work takes between fashion, art, editorial, and her work on album covers such as Iceage’s Seek Shelter which just dropped this year. It was interesting to hear her speak about her background with music, squatting, and making friends with people early on, who like Iceage have found their own way to their own professional status and whose path, Fryd still crosses. It was an excellent episode full of humor, insight, and goodwill. I hope to catch up with Fryd again as her career continues its exciting trajectory.


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Music: Algiers, with their full permission

Photograph Credit: Fryd Frydendahl
Editing: Adam Mead
Producer: Lucas Callaghan
Executive Producer: Brad Feuerhelm

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