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    335. der Mund

    der mund ist tot
  • 313. Anastasia Samoylova

    Anastasia Samoylova is a Russian-American artist
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    251. Mouth

    Thoughts on the end of year, but mostly photbooks
  • 228. John Gossage

    John Gossage is an American artist
  • 183. Thomas Seelig on Timm Rautert

    Thomas Seelig is the Head Curator of Photography at Museum Folkwang, Essen.
  • 166. Jo Ractliffe

    Jo Ractliffe is a South African artist
  • 129. Brad Feuerhelm

    This is a long episode in which I discuss the year and review the books that I personally found inspiring.
  • 123. Brian Wallis

    Brian Wallis is an American curator and writer.
  • 115. Mitch Epstein

    Mitch Epstein is an American artist
  • 105. Howard Greenberg

    Howard Greenberg is a legendary collector of fine vintage photographs.
  • 86. Patrick Frey

    Patrick Frey is a Swiss publisher.
  • 45. JH Engström

    Jh Engström is a Swedish artist living and working in Paris. His new book Day by Day has just been published by Editions Bessard.
  • 44. Hans Danuser

    Hans Danuser is a criminally underrated artist working in photography and installation.
  • 22. Urs Stahel

    Urs Stahel is a freelance writer, curator, lecturer and consultant.
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    18. Dayanita Singh

    Dayanita Singh is an absolute powerhouse of an individual and artist. Her work is profoundly committed to books.
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    06. Nadav Kander

    It was an extreme honor to speak with Nadav, whose multi-faceted work is very dear to me.
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    03. Michael Mack

    Global publisher of award-winning books on art, photography and critical studies.

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